Sunday, November 06, 2005

Allah Able Enough Enforces His Will !

Sell what you are showing is a good principle because you are showing what you like to sell otherwise in Black Market ofcourse!
Tell them what you don't have is a great principle because what you have could'nt be all!
At varied circumstances and special occasions Europe had unitedly looked away from Regimes many-a-where as the toppled .
The Regime's anti modern social and undemocratic behavior should be of no practical value for The EU to wait it too!
Feild Marshal Ayub of Pakistan , John F Kennedy US President ,Reza Pehalvi of Iran , Heathrow Airport [Categorically] Gen Suekarno of Indonesia , and Peers including a long list of African Dictators who left Africa with parched earth and humble skies Regime of Nasser of Egypt are surviving for paying Western Alliance Nations by degrading their Cities and Demoralising their Youths.
The Regime has been intelligently arranged to show at it's fullest till least and honestly we write ,fight, and naturally we prevail!Allah Able Enough Enforces His Will!Allah o Akber! Ya Al Azeem!
A totally dependant World has been unable to sketch Infrastructuring of real desired value to Economic Development and Social Progress, and unable to sketch Structural Representation or project The Public Motivation or Natural Arisen Requirements in Feilds that The States have taken control of from Public's !
Common grounds of weakness and prejiduce have shaped the last decade and definitevely the world stands divided but for an element busy carpetbagging time and effort out from long and tiring Public Democratic Movement's that destablised Regimes and brought forward this assorted waste in shape of The Regime which now must be trashed everywhere and for good!
The Business and Media Communication is at perfect level unless those who feel pressured must change channels and look for brand new suitable compatible Electronic Media Machine although Internet is quite a final ground already!
The Regime is ignoring Bankrupted World in feilds of Government everywhere in World and a Collapsed World Economy and only living by pushing counter-action to sanity by applying Threats and Bribes burdening painfull attributes and menace over Social Norms from illicit wealth extracted from Publics everywhere and tarrying on deliberate Press and Communication Shortage until US Military operation's are imposed!
Industrial Exports in name of Security are blocking Mineral Compassion sui offered but that by countries which in Principle cannot get Assurance of Confidence or Warmth of Partnership from the falling Regimes and USA at all.
And two more decades of definitive estimated and discussed Global Prosperity has wasted in vain quest of The Regime 's vain attempt to stabilise for its children the Reign's of Planet, for which The Nation's unitedly offered sacrifices and publics won freedoms !
The Modren Technology has united out from most Complications to full strength of Art and Sciences Completion's and within simple understanding and Man's curiosities towards his real Positive Theology and ample freedom to respect common Traffic and Country laws and abide for more Democratic Order to aquire Self Governance in truth which since beginning of this Century's Democratically motivated publics recieved a Colonial Official Governance that was introduced and that has practicalised successfully uptil The Transfer of Powers directly for Public Rule through Democratisation!

Shahzada Sher Saddozai
Graphic Communication Technologist ,World Statesman!